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The ‘Renaissance in the north’

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The ‘Renaissance in the north’ from March 31 until May 13, 2012, is an initiative of the Classical Academy of fine arts in Groningen


The purpose of the show is the following:
To monitor the growing public interest in classical figurative art, by outlining the situation of this art form in the North of the country.
To shift the discussion about contemporary art, from the old contradictions: 'abstract versus figurative', and 'modern versus traditional', to questions about the essence of visual quality in all categories.
To achieve this, we advance 30 propositions and we organise a conference.

The 'Renaissance in the north' takes place in 16 museums, mansions and institutions in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe.
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100 artists participate, including the complete teaching staff and the alumni of the Klassieke Academie, as well as dozens of classical skilled artists from the North.
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The opening takes place on the March 31 in the Natuurmuseum Fryslân, Leeuwarden, by Prof. dr Frans Zwarts, professor-governor at the University Campus Fryslân
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The exhibitions are accompanied by:
the website: ‘derenaissanceinhetnoorden’, and a ‘Renaissance newspaper’ featuring the participating locations and artists, with a circulation of 16.000. (in association with het Dagblad van het Noorden).
A catalogue 'de Renaissance in het Noorden', published by Art Revisited.

Show segments
In several locations we organise show segments like concerts of the ‘Klassieke Academie orchestra’ and the ensemble 'Caminante', performances in Museum de Buitenplaats, as well as numerous tours, Masterclasses, lectures and workshops.
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The show has been enabled by the financial support of: Stichting Beringer Hazewinkel; the Prins Bernhard Fonds Friesland and the Ben Remkes Cultuurfonds.

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